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Amsterdam's urban nature throughout the centuries

A timeline divided in five important periods that influenced the view of urban nature

research - illustration - graphic design

in collaboration with Anne de Andrade - 2023

commissioned by Stedlijk Groenpunt 


Together with artist and writer Anne de Andrade I developed a timeline revolving around the five big shifts in worldview that affected how the citizens from Amsterdam perceived nature in the city.

The proces included literature research in the archives of nature organisation IVN / ANMEC, Stadsarchief and various interviews with ecologists, landscapearchitect and other experts.

The proces resulted in timeline on different scales; from a shift in worldview to particular annecdotes that demonstrate the status quo. With this timeline we hope to display that the current vision on urban nature is the result of centuries of events en decisions and that our choices too will be the heritage of the future.

Thanks to:

Lidy Zeinstra - Eindredactie

Maike van Stiphout

Geert Timmermans

Ruud Vlek

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