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Lonely Rietveld

Graduation project Gerrit Rietveld Academy

Graduation project - 2017

During my time as an art student I was amazed by the building that hosted us. A factory for artists, rooted in the legacy of the Bauhaus: rational, functional though elegant. There were so many stories that got stuck to the walls, the floors and the ceilings of the building, but it seemed no-one took the time to listen to them.

Lonely Rietveld, an allusion to Lonely Planet, was a series of physical interventions in order to show the wonders of the building, accompanied by a travelling guide. The travelling guide contained a map to unknown places, only accessible during the graduation show and spoke off the adventures that were once lost.

The prayer room that conceived a child, the boiler room with a hidden distillery and the crawling space

that was home to a man for months. Lonely Rietveld was an invitation to slow down, open up and experience the daily environment in its richness that is too often overlooked.

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