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Nature as Neighbour - Buur Natuur

2nd price Hackathon 'The Green City' - using participation to strengthen biodiversity

concept development - graphic design

in collaboration with Max Beijneveld & Martijn Wubbolts


The winning concept 'Buur Natuur' (Nature as Neighbour) was an outspoken campaign in the public space, to raise awareness about biodiversity loss at neighbourhood level. The posters displayed the most urgent biodiversity problems of a certain area using data from local biodiversity measurements, and contained a direct call to action to help the displayed species and the possibility to find likeminded neighbours. 

With the award money, we realized an event in Zwolle, the Netherlands, in which we invited people to get to know the more than human nightlife of the city through a variety of activities. Think of a duet between a composer and bat sounds, a concert by voices of trees by electronic amplification, spotting night butterflies and listening to spooky urban myths about the more than human inhabitants of the city. 

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