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A digital fashion identity

assistant art direction - graphic design

internship - Nuages Gris​ - 2016

Together with fashion designers, visual designers and programmers, Immaterialicous facilitated

a think tank to recreate our virtual identity by using smart fabrics. Each garment functioned as a

remote for the accompanied visuals.

Immaterialicious was an online platform that addressed questions that ariso within the fashion industry in the post-digital era. Through critical articles, possible scenarios, found and fabricated images and various projects, we investigated the transformation of how our identity is gradually merging with the internet, and how the internet is overtaking fashion. In this way we created a community of people from different disciplines who reflect on this philosophy through the use of different media.

From the online immaterialicious platform we have set up an evening program that highlights the ideas of this platform from different angles. The event consists of 2 parts: a symposium: which highlights various topics around the theme 'the singularity of fashion' through a series of lectures, interviews and a debate. The 2nd part is and innovative presentation that shows the work of 7 Dutch Fashion Designers who co-created with 7 Dutch digital artists.


In this 20-minute presentation 7 different Digital (fashion) identities are shown, which, controlled by sensory garments, measure the physical movement data that the models wear. This physical movement data is converted via chips and software into an interactive audiovisual (fashion) identity, which can be followed behind the model on projection screens.

This evening was part of the Dutch Fashion Week 2016

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