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Tasting of the Future

An edible journey through six regenerative landscapes

research - graphic design - concept & food development

in collaboration with Myrthe Lanting and Jim Groot - 2023 ​ 


From our morning coffee, to the pizza of the restaurant next door; the origin of the ingredients, its transport, the pesticides used, and the labourer working conditions are all hidden in what we eat. And with this, every meal is a political and environmental act. This doesn't only affect us now, what we eat today will shape the landscapes, climate, meals of the upcoming centuries and eventually affect our very existence.


The project Tasting of the Future is a means to start a conversation about how to eat ourselves towards a sustainable and just world. Together with chefs, scientists and students we transform abstract prognoses of climate reports, such as of the IPCC, into an edible journey. The menus developed, are an investigation of how the content of our dinner table can adapt to changing circumstances and contribute to healthy landscapes.

Conditions that have been served so far:

Desiccation, waterlogging, salinization, agroforestry, extreme weather conditions, invasive exotic species, healthy soil life, protein transition and the heat island effect.

Would you like to make your own future menu, or would you like to taste ours?
Please contact me for more details.

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