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Daily intake of micro plastics

prototype - 2015

design student Gerrit Rietveld Academy

Current was a student project, a collaboration with biologist Anne Schumacher, who wrote a paper about the toxicity of microplastics and was inspired by the movie ‘Fightclub’ where the protagonist Tyler Durden sells expensive soap made from the drained off fat from liposuction treatments. 


In Current, I used washed up waste on the beach of Texel as decorative material for glass, referring to double-walled children cups filled with colourful confetti. The action of using a Current glass to drink from, urges the user to think about our daily intake of micro plastics through the excessive use and bad waste management of the use of plastic woldwide

The contents of the testtubes from left to right are: paper, fishnet, sponge, plastic bag, Sportlife chewing gum packaging, Kit Kat wrapping.

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