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I'm Sophie,
artist and
social designer

Artist • radical imagination

Social • organism in relationship with its context

Design • form made with intention

My work is about translating complex problems into tangible outcomes and fresh perspectives. I believe that playfulness sparks our collective imagination and has the ability to fuel the transition towards a just and regenerative worldview. 

I work as a freelance art director and artistic researcher on self-initiated projects and commissions. I love to work together; with other artists, scientists and local policymakers. At the moment, my interest lies in researching different views on nature, mainly through the lens of food. 

Although based in Amsterdam, I am often found on regenerative farms throughout the Netherlands. Currently, I am looking for an artist in residency revolving around local food environments and food cultures in the Netherlands or Spain.

Next to this, I am co-initiator of the collective, the Regeneration Coöperative

Stapel Tijdschriften


In order to get a hold on a topic and its implications, I start by understanding the context through thorough research. Literature, visual and often etymological research infuse depth, add layers of understanding and increases the impact of a project. It unveils hidden narratives, cultural variations and invokes a cross-disciplinary approach, transforming projects from a mere concept to a tangible outcome and a more nuanced perspective on the subject.


An example of a research-based project is the perspective of citizens of Amsterdam on nature through the years in a timeline.

Curator, Art Direction, Vrouw hangt schillderij op

Art Direction

I have experience in 2d and 3d art direction and scenography at Studio Marcel van Doorn, at NGO’s and as a freelancer. Through these projects, I became a strong visual storyteller. I know how to translate feelings and stories into print, products and atmospheres. The knowledge I gained working for commercial companies I now put into use to contribute to positive social change.


Currently, I’m working as an art director for the project ChangeGamers, a

cross-disciplinary project that uses gamification for computational pathology.

Check this page to take a look at my commercial work.

vrouw geeft workshop over voedsel, rituelen en regeneratie

I am passionate about the possibilities of regeneration as a worldview and love sharing this perspective with others. Together with the Regeneration Coöperative I developed a series of lectures and workshops explaining, displaying and embodying the roots of regeneration and its possible applications.

Check out the year program or book a lecture or workshop for your community or company.

Workshops / lectures


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